Sat, Aug 21, 2021 8:56 AM

Scammed out of a new phone

I ordered a Samsung galaxy A02s from Boost Mobile the other week. They shipped through FedEx but I never received my phone. FedEx said the package would be delivered on 8/18/2021 by end of day, then changed the date to 8/19/2021, and then said it had been delivered on the morning of 8/18/2021, which was impossible since I was home all day. I contacted FedEx and have only been told they are not libel for any losses or damages. I contacted Boost Mobile and was told to contact FedEx...

I have been a Boost Mobile customer since it was Virgin Mobile, for over 10 years, but now I will have to close my account and go to Cricket Wireless, who I might add offer cheaper plans then Boost Mobile. The phone was only worth 50$, and it's petty how big companies really do not care about loyal customers and only use us for profiting billions every year.

I understand whoever reads this is in the same boat as me and that Boost Mobile is just a heartless conglomerate concocted by generations of frivolous old men bent on profiting from common people.

It's all about the bottom line.


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2 m ago

Update... Boost Mobile wants me to file a police report for a 50$ phone. Where I live, shootings are common and people have been held up at gun point for their freaking sneakers, and Boost Mobile wants me to go file a police report for their and FedEx's mistake?

I cannot stress this enough, FUCK YOU Boost Mobile. Honestly, through all this fucking bullshit that life gives you,  we now NEED a phone to function properly in society. I try and be responsible and only buy phones I can afford. This was the first new phone I got (attempted) in over 6 years.

I'm not angry at the intern who has to read this and deal with my bullshit, I'm just fucking angry in general with each and every aspect of life trying to fuck you on the daily.

Suck it Boost Mobile, and don't worry, I'll tell FedEx the same thing. 


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2 m ago

Another Update... I already have received the same phone I tried to get from Boost Mobile from Cricket Wireless with NO problems. That's right, I spent more money to get the same phone, but its worth it to not have to deal with Boost anymore. Keep your 50$. How is anyone still using this service? Consider this bridge burned.