Wed, Aug 25, 2021 5:52 PM

Safe and Found Boost Mobile Service - Urgent

I have been on the phone multiple hours with boost mobile reps that have very little knowledge about the safe and found product. I currently have multiple trackers, paying for service that I cannot access through the app and cannot transfer the active trackers because the imei are tied to my current account that I cannot access. Problem number one: I cannot reset the password for the safe and found through the app or online. No matter what password I choose to reset it as: it says 100% of the time password is not valid. I’ve reset my phone. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled and no change. I’ve waited up to an hour and even a whole day to see if it needs time to update. There is no change. I cannot reset my password. Can someone destroy my safe and found account and certificate tied to my boost mobile phone so I can just start over and activate them on my boost phone??? I have been waiting for like 5-6 days and every service rep says they can see my request has been submitted to the highway tech support but clearly no one is calling me back and no one knows how to resolve this issue!!!!!! Ok so frustrated for paying for something I cannot use or access and I’m convinced no one at boost knows how to fix it either so they continue to ignore my service request. So I’m requesting someone help me remove the certificate the app installed on my phone and destroy my safe and found account so I can start over!!!!! I need this ASAP!!!!!


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2 m ago

Hello Charlie. I can understand how this situation is frustrating. Unfortunately, we do not have access to delete your safe and found account. The best way to get this taken care of is through the tickets that have been submitted. I would recommend in the meantime using services like safe and sound that both Google and Apple offer on their operating systems. I know this is not the best solution but, it can help while the ticket is getting worked on.

-Marcos G