Tue, Sep 14, 2021 3:47 AM



My phone number was deleted today while working through a 5G upgrade with a Boost Mobile representative and her manager. The managers name is Michelle and her interaction number is 2138712015.

The reason that I was going through an upgrade was that in August I received the new 5G sim card. Upon switching service was terrible in my area. Come to find out that it was due to some acquisitions going on in the background with Sprint and T-Mobile and a switch of service towers. IF YOUR SERVICE HAS GONE BAD NOW THAT YOU ARE ON 5G THIS MAY BE THE PROBLEM!

As I reached out to customer support today and was I was given instructions on a way to mediate some network issues I asked plain and simple, "this will not change anything on my phone" to the service rep and was told NO! 

Well minutes after walking through the steps that were provided to me by the customer service rep I receive a text from Boost Mobile with my new phone number!!!! Unbelieveable!

I call back and I am immediately blamed for causing this issue and my phone number is now gone and not retrieveable.

I ask to speak to manager. Michelle is on and tells me there is nothing they can do for 48-72 hours and that my number was gone. ALl she could do was apologize and again put the blame on me. THEN SHE HUNG UP! 

Why!?!?! Why is this happening? What a complete time suck! Unbelievable Boost. Your days are numbered.


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My post on the topic regarding network issue and then eventually having my phone number completely deleted. Still struggling to get ANY help from tech support a day later!!!!!!