Fri, Nov 12, 2021 12:58 AM

invalid tracking number

Hi, I purchased a new phone yesterday, that was supposed to be delivered today. I received an email from Boost with the tracking number. It says the tracking number is invalid. Please help, thank you

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I have had the same thing happen to me today. Have you been able to resolve your situation? I called boost mobile support but they were of no help.

Boost Care


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Hello! @esimpson1006! We are now using UPS for shipping, try entering the tracking number on ups.com. 

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This ojay  guy keeps giving us all the same answer we are now using ups for shipping b.s. 

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On the day that your order is ready to ship, we assign the UPS tracking number. Until UPS scans that number and loads your project into the truck, it will show up as invalid. If you attempt to track your order, try it after 8pm ET or the following business day for best results

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I am having this same problem it was hours after i received the tracking number im gonna say 12 hours later when i tried to locate my package and still invalid is what it say i dont understand why there is no customer service number on the website for boost mobile..