Fri, Aug 27, 2021 4:36 AM

Having trouble signing up for a new number/account online. Please help!

Im trying to activate a Boost phone I bought online and trying to sign up for a new number and account.

I also ordered the SIM card activation kit with the phone.

When I enter my IMEI and SIM card info on the activation page, the continue button is not clickable.

It then says on the bottom that my phone is eligible but I have to contact the number 844-817-8093 to activate. But when I contact the number on the boost phone Im trying to activate, the automated system says "the service you are attempting to use is restricted or unavailable". The SIM card is inserted on the phone already.

I was wondering, do I have to call the 844 number on the Boost phone that Im trying to activate or on a separate phone that has a working line?


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