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After countless trips to the store I'm being charged multiple times for a SIM card that I did not need nor did it fix the issue and being told we don't know what to tell you but you can go ahead and pay your bill again and also countless contact attempts by phone for support being told to reset my network settings which I have done numerous times without any issues being resolved and call back from a different number I paid for phones for almost three months that we could not use hardly at all and I am done and will be writing and turning in to the better business bureau this is ridiculous this company is complete bulshit and should be shut down

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Sweet lord I have a similar experience.  Came over to Boost from Virgin Mobile. No issues until Boost sent me a new SIM card for their expanded network.  Ever since I am relegated to 3G at my house, which has several towers in a good proximity, and every time I leave my house, my service drops for 15 minutes.

Today it dropped for 8 hours.  They don't care. Every time I let them know the issue is there, they run through the same script; are you on wifi? reboot your phone? APN settings?  Reset network settings?  etc.  My issue was, as I was told, pushed to the SMEs and advanced team.  Those were a month ago.  I received no updates.  Connecting back with support and they say the SMEs have reviewed and the issue is resolved.. oh really? Then why does the issue persist?

As a standard, the network mode is set to automatic, which shows Boost in the banner bar.  This is when I have problems with speeds and connectivity drops.  Setting my network mode to LTE/CMDA reboots my device and sets me to the sprint network... browsing the net, texts, things are great.  Only issue; can't make or receive phone calls.

No matter what you tell them, they do the same thing over and over, keeping you on the phone for at least 15-30 minute before getting through the first level, and their chat... they give me 10 seconds to respond, then end the chat.. It has happened to me 5 of the 8 times I have contacted them over the past 3 months... 

That's right.. 3 months. I have had this issue for three months and they have been unable to resolve it.  I asked to unlock my phone at one point, as it is paid for, and it may provide me the option to device my carrier when set to LTE/CDMA (currently forces me to sprint), but they wouldn't do it. "You need network support, I promise they can fix this!" Guess what, they had their chance and now I am leaving the service.

Support is a sham.  My guess is that if you purchase a phone from them, that is already locked to their network, things will work fine.  But if you switch to them (at least from a different pre-paid), be prepared for issues.