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Tue, Jul 13, 2021 11:14 AM

Free Msg:  unable to receive message - Message Blocking is active.

Free Msg:  unable to receive message - Message Blocking is active.

I keep getting this message every time I try to send a text to another family member. Their number is not blocked on my phone, and my number is not blocked on their phone. Sometimes I get this error sometimes I don't get this error but  now I'm getting it constantly. Any ideas? I've already reset the network settings on the phone several times and restarted the phone it does not fix the problem

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So this was a similar prob I encountered and it took 2 mo to fix..i went from iphone to LG STYLO- Bad idea - what was worse is i COULDNT see any response from persons who were on am Iphone and text messaging me...and not so easy when u dont know what ur missing . 2 mo without knowing if anyone out there ...friends family - sent me text messages until they looked a bit further or when I never responded to them...then started my own trouble shooting ...and first found i was using the wrong messaging app . that was on the phone. Then when that wasn't entirely the problem solved ...i called in 2 times to BOOSTE ...while not on my phone ..they did some troubleshooting asked that I turn on airplane mode and left it on for one to two.min. turn back off airplane mode at that time power off device and wait at least one min AMD power on again....  After the second long conversation w BOOSTE TECH My issue was over ....i think it is...and I am receiving all text messages from all phones iphone or not

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@ItmeLauraV thank you I called customer service and they had me do the same steps that you described and it seems to be working now thanks again