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EBB Help.

I signed up with EBB program and was approved, so I tried it with boost and was also enrolled with them. I ordered the SIM Card as they said to but apparently my phone was too old, so I was told to go to the store and buy a new one. When I reach the store I told the woman I need to buy a new phone and that I was on the EBB program. I was under the impression that she set me up with my EBB information, figuring since she didn't ask that it was in the system as I had been already approved, only to find out yesterday that not only did they charge me for the service but they also charged me a bunch of other things like insurance and stuff I didn't ask for. Thinking that she set me up through ebb I went ahead and put my number and everything in the EBB portal like they ask you to that day, and now I can't change anything. I also never received my ePIN. I don't know what to do to get my benefits, I obviously can't afford an $50 bill every month, hence why I signed up. I am so frustrated. 


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5 d ago

Try going to a store that is how I can my account fixed. The employee called out to his second level support and eventually started talking to someone to help fix the issue of my account not showing as on the 0$ ebb program. they also asked for a pin which I never recieved and they said they needed to do something fix something not sure what they did but my account was fixed the next day. Hope this helps.

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3 d ago

Hello Cassandra! We appreciate you reaching out. The stores are third-party retailers so please return to the store to address any extra charges. When you have completed the application and are approved for EBB you should receive an email with the ePin. If you have not received the email please call us at 1-833-502-6678 so we can escalate the issue.