Thu, Sep 2, 2021 1:40 AM

data roaming alert

I've been using Boost for a few years now and today, for the first time, I received an alert telling me that I've exceeded my 50 minutes of data roaming for the month and will not be able to use data roaming until my next billing date. My phone goes in and out of roaming when it isn't even moving and isn't being used-sitting on my desk at work or at home. Lately, it's happened almost daily. I drive the same route to and from work daily and any given day, a place where I had the usual service one day (like sitting at a traffic light) goes to data roaming the next. The kicker is that I don't even use the phone when it's roaming-I always wait until there's an actual cell signal.  I believe that it isn't right or fair that I am penalized for what my phone and your service are doing without any action on my part. So, does this mean that between now and my billing date, if I happen to be on a call and the phone goes to roaming, the call will just be cut off? Not cool Boost.


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