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Can't use internet after last upgrade 8/1/2021

I upgraded my phone software 9/18/2021, and since then have been unable to access the internet using data, only able to access the internet using WiFi.  It claims I am roaming now, when before I was never in a roaming area.  Does anyone else have this problem, and if you did, but fixed it, how can I do it?  I have unlimited text, talk and data plan, that taps down my speed if I exceed the data usage cap of 5GB, but have not reached 5GB yet this month.  


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21 d ago

The latest OS update is to move everyone off Sprint towers and onto TMobile towers.  If your phone is compatible with TMobille and ATT networks, you need a new SIM card. Boost should send you a new SIM card, free if charge, to fix the issue, but it will take a few days to get to you.  Call tech support and speak to a human.  The other option is to visit a Boost retailer or store and buy a SIM. I was on travel when the update happened to me and couldn't wait for a SIM to ship, so I bought one in a store, fixed the problem, then spoke to human tech support and they credited my acct for the cost of the SIM.

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@pdinnj thanks.  That helps explain a lot.  I will try to contact a human during their business hours. 

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20 d ago

I recently noticed a similar problem -- "data" wasn't working (could only access the internet using wifi) and couldn't receive/send MMS messages.  (My phone uses LTE/4G)  Yesterday I contained Boost Mobile via live chat and after a long chat (he was very patient), he temporarily fixed my problem by having me change my phone to 3G.  (Apparently there are tower issues in my area.)  My data connections are slow, but at least I have data again.  I'm to contact them again in 24-48 hours to see if my LTE/4G problem is resolved.

Communicating with a live person should help with your problem.  Good luck!

P.S.  I was told that my phone (S10e) wasn't compatible with the new "expanded data network" so I wasn't eligible for the new SIM card.

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@BellasMomToo i have a Samsung s10e. It took a new Boost SIM and that fixed my data connx issue, so s10e is compatible.  It connects to tmobile towers LTE and is good for now. My wife also has S10E and it has "no data" issue and is awaiting new SIM. 

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@BellasMomToo before you put a new SIM in, make sure you have Boost unlock the phone.  the new SIM arrived for my wife's phone and its install failed.  Either the new SIM is bad or phone needed to be unlocked first.  My s10e was unlocked before switch and no problems, so i bet it needs to be unlocked for their new SIM.  I Spent a long time on line with tech support and am awaiting unlock and new SIM for the phone.  The IMEI for our s10e phones indicate they work on TMobile and ATT and their piggybackers, like Mint, as long as phone is unlocked by Boost, so we'll go elsewhere with phones, if they can't work it out.

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Thanks for the advice.  So far I spoke with 3 CSR and none offered a new sim -- they all claimed that my problem is due to 'tower issues'.  I have reboost cards that cover the next 2 months of service so I'm not changing carriers soon.  But I will try to get my phone unlocked so I'll be prepared to move.  3G service isn't too bad, but I'm not getting what I'm paying for (4G/LTE).

17 d ago

I have the same issue with my Galaxy S10. Support said I needed a new sim card. They sent me one. Last night I tried to activate the new sim, but support is not 24 hours. This morning I Spent HOURS with support chat and phone. They told me my 2 year old $600 phone was not compatible with the new network and to put my old sim card back in. I still can't access the internet except with wifi. I am EXTREMELY unhappy with Boost mobile. But do want to add the support people are very nice on chat, and the phone, it's not their fault, but I am angry with Boost. If I have to buy a new $600 phone just to get internet access I will assuredly go with another carrier. Please get your act together Boost.

@denniswthompson Just spent another 45 minutes with chat support and they want me to put the new sim back in. I'm at work so it will be a while till I can try this.

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@denniswthompson have them unlock the phone.  It'll take a few days.  It should activate then.

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The phone unlock happened in overnight and new Boost SIM came alive and service is restored after reboot of the s10e phone.  

Once your phone is unlocked, it should work with new Boost SIM.