Fri, Nov 19, 2021 5:39 PM

Can't remember PIN and outside of the US

I have called and contacted Boost several times to no abail and with some of the rudest CSRs I have encountered.

I need my account number but I have forgotten my PIN. I jhave also moved outside of the US so I do not have service to receive the new PIN, and will not be returning for at least a couple of months. The rudest CSR I spoke to kept telling me to check my messages for my PIN, but I can't receive messages on a phone that doesn't have service. I quit trying after a couple of days because Boost is absolutely frustrating to deal with. They kept talking about their security process. Anyway assistance would be appreciated.

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10 d ago

Hello @averyunhappycustomer! We appreciate you reaching out, we understand this has been frustrating for you. The only way to get your account number is by calling in, we are unable to provide that information here or on any social platforms. 


Hi. This is not an acceptable answer.

I have called in MULTIPLE TIMES and no one assisted me. They wanted me to provide a PIN which I could not do and I tried to come up with what I thought was the correct PIN. Boost is unable to  send a PIN to me because...I am outside of my service area being that I am in another country.

What I find amazing is that Boost has enough information to bill me but they can't accept anything in terms of verifying my identity. I digress.

I'm not asking anyone to give me my PIN or account number on a social media platform. I'm asking to have a sensible  person actually help me when I call Boost to give me my account number or to help me with a PIN. Maybe you can provide me with a number that is NOT the customer service 800 number. Every CSR with whom I have spoken has been at best unhelpful.


Because of this issue, I have to change my phone number across different companies. One is a company that transfers money. They have a verification process just in case their customers can't receive a text to their phones. I'm sure they have larger profits than Boost, and yet somehow they were able to accommodate me. Why doesn't Boost have another verification process besides sending a PIN? Why can't Boost contact me via email? 

I don't have much hope for having this resolved...so I am going to say this to everyone with complaints with the woefully inadequate service Boost provides: report them to your state representative, Better Business Bureau. Tweet. Post on FB. Post on their YT page. It's very clear that this is a company that is more interested in taking your money than providing a service. Oh, and LEAVE BOOST! Right now, I am paying for something I can't use. This is unacceptable.

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Hi there, Char Qui! We appreciate you reaching out to us today. The policy of getting your account number is to ensure your account information remains secure. All that would be needed is to call to verify your account and be able to receive a call from us on the phone that is on the account. We understand that this may be frustrating, but it is to avoid just being able to make changes to your account. If we are unable to verify your account the other way, to verify the account we would have to advise you to stop by a Boost Mobile store. We hope this information helps. 


Cindy A.


No this doesn't help, and I am tired of reading and listening to the same explanation -- I've heard this before. Companies that are larger than yours (with more assets) were able to assist me while your company lacks the protocols and policies to do so. So, if I understand you correctly, and unless you have European locations, Boost is unable to provide me with the proper customer support until I return to the United States. Please confirm.