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Sat, Aug 21, 2021 11:32 PM

Boost up and activation

Hi my husband and I are in a family plan I the main plan holder we tried getting a phone for him on boost up he payed at the location , then they changed my name on my account to his , they tried swapping my phone i don’t know why and now our phones neither his old one or the new one or mine have service please help. The sales person told him to wait until Tuesday but we cannot we need service ASAP and he didn’t even get his phone. Please help I would greatly appreciate it thank you 


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2 m ago

Your best option would be to go into a retail store or, call support directly +1-866-402-7366

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@KitFawkes i did but they said they couldnt help me until tuesday i contactd the live chat on boost they couldnt help me either