Tue, Sep 14, 2021 12:45 PM

boost mobile support

     My wife went into the Big Rapids Boost store to buy another phone to replace the one she had because the screen was flaking out. Her phone still worked though.   She decided on a phone and asked the store associate if this replacement phone would work at our house because we live in the county. The store associate said yes. (By the way, the replacement phone is a Motorola G Stylus.)  Anyway, My wife purchased the phone and left. She barely made it out of town and the phone lost service. My wife went back to the Store to exchange the phone for another 45 minutes after purchasing the phone. The store Associate said that they don't give money back or exchange phones.  I have been a Boost customer for over 20 years. I called Boost. Boost said it is Their Policy to return or exchange phones within 7 days of purchase.  My wife went back into the store and informed them of Boost Mobile's policy. The store associate said they don't have to honor any policy made by Boost Mobile.

 I was on the phone 3 separate times, spanning the time of over an hour while my wife was waiting outside of the Boost store trying to get this resolved. All three times the supervisor with Boost Mobile sent me off to some answering machine with Motorola when I asked them to call the Big Rapids, Mi Boost Mobile store.

My wife went to Walmart and buy another boost phone that will work after spending over $275 already at the Boost Store, so she can do her online shopping business.  As soon as I get the chance, I'm cancelling my service with Boost Mobile and going to Verizon.

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