Sat, Jul 24, 2021 10:48 PM

Anyone else having issues switching to the new 5G network?

I've been without service since Tuesday of this week since Boost sent me the new 5G SIM card to replace my old Nationwide Network SIM card. After HOURS online with tech support I still have NO SERVICE. I've done everything possible with tech support, and even did a factory reset on my phone. I have a Samsung S8 and have had 0 issues with it since I purchased it directly from Boost mobile 20 months ago. Anyone else having these issues with trying to switch to the 5G network? I'm currently on my 2nd new SIM card and day 4 of no service.


2 m ago

This happened to me to i have the Samsung A50. i called and had boost set up the sim card switch and my phone has not worked since. i even went to the store and they made me buy another new sim card which also didn't work then they told me to factory reset my phone and i still cant use it.

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I've been without service for a full week now, and haven't heard anything from the company. I am on my now second 'new' SIM card. They told me it would be 24 to 48 hours until I heard anything, and that would have been up Monday. It's now early Wednesday and still 0 service, 0 bars, and NO communication from Boost Mobile. 

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2 m ago

I don't believe your phone is compatible with new network,,same thing happened to me and I had a S10...I had to go buy a new phone just to have service...but I ended up going to different carrier,Boost has really hit a all time low with this new service,one thing after another...good luck!

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@Misstracihughes I believe this may also be the issue with mine even though each time I've called support, they tell me my phone is compatible. I have a Samsung Galaxy A20 that I got from Boost last yr

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2 m ago

I got a new sim card for my stylo 6 to join the tmobile network. My download speeds are terrible now and I can't receive mms messages.