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Mon, Mar 23, 2020 8:00 AM

Virgin to Boost Paylo Customer

With Virgin, I was on an old Paylo Plan that was $.25 per minute for the first 10 Minutes and $.10 per minute after that.  The number of minutes was based on your calls for the ENTIRE day...meaning if you made multiple calls, the total minutes would be added together to see if it was greater than 10 minutes..  If it was your rate would switch to $.10 per minute for any calls made the rest of the day. 

I noticed this is NOT the case now.  The 10 Minute threshold is PER CALL  They are not carrying forward the minutes of each call that day.  Can someone please verify if they GOOFED in the programming or whether this was done deliberately.  Other than this issue the transition has been seamless.



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