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Wed, Jul 29, 2020 10:00 PM

To Boost Agents

This is for Agents of boost mobile. Here are a few questions for you all who work at boost. The rules are simple answers and refraim from telling us about the new QOS bull that we've read alright on to the questions.
1.) Do you use your own Boost mobile service or are you with another provider?
2.) Can you understand why customers are upset?
3.) Before your secret QOS change tell us what was it you told customers when they brought a unlimited plan (before you put a data cap on unlimited gig plans I have a very good memory I hope you do to.)
4.) You offer people the option to buy more high speed data packs 1GB for 5 dollars 2gb for 10 dollars. Now do you know how much data to stream a SD movie uses or to run a basic game on medium graphics?
5.) Say you're with another Phone provider but you realize your service just sucks. You see an ad for boost mobile it tells you if you switch you get an unlimited gig plan and 4 free phones when you switch you can save. That deal sounds good. So you switch you're paying 80dollars a month for 6 months service is great you love it that's a total of 560 dollars spent. But then on your 7th month you're using your plan a plan you paid for expecting the same services when you notice your internet or wifi is horribly slow. So you contact customer service and they tell you that there's been a Quality of service change you weren't notified about. And now your high speed data is throttled to 2g speeds worse than 3g speeds and your phone is now basically useless. You can't stream well or play your favorite games. Now you could dish out 5 10 maybe 20 dollars or more for more high speed data but then you realize that weren't I paying for unlimited gigs now I'm being told there's a data cap on a unlimited gig plan and that we lied you actually get unlimited 2g slow data until your billing cycle starts over. You could buy in home wifi and internet or use public but why when you're spending money on a so called Unlimited gig plan that's 50-60 dollars a month plus you've added lines. What do you think a customer feels?
6.) You're already losing customers business and respect. How can you stop them from finding better service? when you basically said you're paying for a service and now I'm not going to give you what you paid for and you don't care that you screwed customers over whatever right you're still get paid. All you have to say is hey suck it up and read our QOS.
If this happened to you what would you do?


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1 y ago

Thank you for this post. And I notice a distinct lack of semi automated replys from the agents asking you to pm them to "address your concerns" lol.

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1 y ago

I noticed that also lol

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1 y ago

I totally agree with you I am starting to look into the "visible" provider it's ran by Verizon you actually get unlimited everything to include hotspot (although you can only hook up 1 device at a time) it's $45 a month for 1 line and a discount every additional line up to 4 lines which only cost $25 a line. You can bring any I-phone and select few Android's however if your current phone can not be brought over you can just trade it for one of their cheaper phones or buy one direct. They send you a phone then you have 2 weeks to send your old phone to them. Screw this bait and switch crap!!

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Ya were is the pm is bull crap ? Think they are starting to get an idea of how many people they are pissing off by screwing them out of money with their lies?

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Boost my data