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Mon, Aug 13, 2018 9:00 PM

My Boost Mobile data is not working since phone reset

My wife recently reset our Boost phone's screen lock password and then forgot it, so we had to do a hard reset on our Boost phone.. (LG XCharge) .  After the restore, phone calls and texting work fine, but we have no data connection.  (WIfi works, but  no 4G/data connection)  I've gone all thru the phone's settings, and don't see any restrictions.  Mobile data is ON. and not limited.  Network mode is set to Automatic. When I check the 4G settings under Mobile networks, the Network operator is blank and the IP address shows  I think that may be the problem, but there is nowhere to make a change on that screen.  Our mobile data usage for the month of August is 0MB.  Please Help!


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3 y ago

Hey there, matske! Please perform these basic troubleshooting steps:
1. Enter ##72786#. on keypad then press OK.
2. When SCRTN is change to factory default value for DSA message appears, select Yes.
3. The device power cycles.
4. Allow the hands free activation to begin automatically.
◦Note: If you accidentally hit Cancel, or Hands Free Activation does not automatically start, please power cycle the device.
5. After PRL is updated, select OK.
6. Select OK if there is a profile or firmware update.
7. The device will power cycle again.
8. When it powers on, the data services would have been reset.