Tue, Feb 2, 2021 12:33 AM

Does hotspot count against high speed data or are they seperate?

My 4g speed was reduced after 35gb. But i have 17gb left in hotspot. Why is my hotspot throttled? Does the hotspot count against data limit? When did this change?


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8 m ago

Heads up that YES, it now pulls from your high speed allotment for most plans- this is a new change that they implemented along with the change from deprioritization (slowing high data users down at busy times) to hard throttling (giving them useless dial up speeds). You can thank Dish Network, who took over Boost and has begun purging their heavy data users for profit margins.

They refuse to answer these things in public and it's equal parts funny and outright sad how far their CS has fallen. It's literally dealing with a scummy TV company now- the Boost quality of care is no more. Go Visible or similar, but ensure you don't fall for any company that throttles to 2G in 2021. Useless.

9 m ago

Hello, Rayne Weber. I'm sorry about the trouble. I definitely want to look into this for you. Can you send us a private message with your phone number and PIN to verify your account?


To send a private message you simply go to one of our agents profile who you want to send a message to and hit the "send this user a private message" button. It's under their contact section on the right side of their profile, right next to their badges.

- John J.

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Because they don't want to admit to shady business practices. Im thinking of joining a class action lawsuit against boost, you should too.

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I would be in for that class action suit.