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Fri, Oct 5, 2018 6:00 AM

Data is used up in a week

I have a galaxy s7 and the $35 a month plan. My plan just renewed on 9/26/18 and by 10/4/18 i got the text telling me i had used up all my high speed data. I checked and its showing i have used up all 3g of high speed. How is that possible? I've been using wifi more than my data and using spotify for music which is listed as a free streaming for boost. I'm hoping this is a mistake.


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3 y ago

I can blow through 3gb of data just lightly visiting Facebook while out and about, in about a weeks time. Also, in your phones settings, you can see exactly where and what is using your data.

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3 y ago

What can i do to fix it? I've never had this problem before i use netflix, facebook, spotify, and tunein apps. Usually can use them all month and not max out till a few days before.

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3 y ago

Hi there Pixicat7. On of the main issues when using Spotify and data usage is that while you indeed can streamm music and not affect your data allotment, viewing ads or clicking on links or watching small videos ads, can incurred in data usage. We strongly recommend  to avoid this in order to not use your data usage. Also, you may want to turn off your Data if not on WiFi and when your are out and about and do not need to access the data network. Hope these tips and clarification helps you manage your data.