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Fri, Feb 8, 2019 6:00 PM


I baught a phone on line.. galaxy s7 last Valentine's and was JUNK well after speak8ng to boost then sent me to bright star, i sent it too them well takes 5 - 7 weks i lost my serive was promised, 1 free month for it well i got it. Welll finally i received it.. but it was messed up so i spoke with boost, bright star and samsung and boost gave samsung the info they needed and samsung sent me a shipping label and boost promised another free month.. we now im trying to get my free month and there giving me the hardest time and will not give my my promise. The service isnt that great, have dropped calls and text dont go through find a different proovider and stay as far away from boost and sprint as you can!!

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2 y ago

It s kind of like the phantom $49 recertified i7 doesnt exist unless ur a new customer($279 if ur a loyal boost paying customer). Yet another example of why people no longer want to stay with boost because their priorities are only with obtaining new customers in leiu of keeping good ones...