Sat, Feb 27, 2021 8:17 AM

Bummer looks this SIM card isn't valid

Just bought the sim card and I get the message above. I would like to activate my phone please help.


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3 m ago

Hi there richardcurran. Thank you for contacting us. What is the message you are receiving? We are not able to see what was sent. 
- Victor21

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The subject line: "Bummer it looks like this SIM card is not valid"
I bought another one today from Walmart and got the exact same message when trying to activate it.

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And the sim cards are not returnable. I need you guys to fix this please.

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Unfortunately, if the SIM card is not compatible, we can't activate it. 

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This is a BM scam. They don't tell you that the SIM card only works with the Expanded Network. They make you think it works with your phone then when you try to activate the SIM you get the Bummer message. All of a sudden the phone is not compatible with their Expanded Network and they tell you to go to their website to buy a new phone which is not compatible with any of their Bring your Own phone plans. It's a scam.

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2 m ago

I have this same problem. I have an iPhone Xs and im an existing customer. I told the guy in the store what phone it was for as well. Will I have this problem when I go back to them about this? or did you all figure out this issue?

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Hello, Yaboyrich16. Thank you for stopping by. Please provide us more information about your issue to further assist you. 
- Kira_M