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Sat, Jan 7, 2017 2:00 AM

Web access restricted

I get this message and it limits my Web Access as you might have guessed. I new to this so please bear with me. I read somewhere that it was a sprint filter because I could not change this in my account. Any idea how to access sprint to reset filters for Web access?


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3 m ago

If you follow these steps for Boost mobile it should work.
1. Sign in to boost
2. Go to your Dashboard
3. Scroll down to call settings
4. Find "Remove adult access"
5. Switch off
That should do it. Good luck!

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*raises hand to indicate having same stupid issue*

Did that.

And that.

Setting was not in in the first place.

Toggled on.

Toggled off.

Yay it worked.......



Til it didn't.


Back to square one.

*sigh~ muttering to herself...*

Go to boost again, do everything did before again, like I'm a Dam yo yo.... Or a boomerang...... Or a confused ankle biter on crack.........

Why on this green earth is this an issue? One that apparently needs to be addressed repeatedly, annoyingly, instead of just once.

Back in the bad ole days, boost was the best carrier around, treated the customers right, (after all, no customers= no business, right?) Had the best perks, recognized that people were being robbed by the big guns with data charges that eclipsed the cost of their  phone service by far. As if they weren't making enough money to begin with, grabbing the little guys' short and curlies and yanking, yanking HARD, every month was necessary to keep the power on and feed the family. 


But not boost. They were better than that. Never throttled. Made customers for life. ..



Or could have.

In fact, any of the carriers could snatch up a huge percentage of the market by stopping the throttle. Seriously, how many free phones are they going to give away? Is THAT cost effective? Or would it be brighter to grab customers sand KEEP them instead of throwing yet another free phone at a rivals customer, while they do the same to yours.

Revolving phone carriers.

Ring around the phonsey.

(HA that was punny!)


Doesn't sound like a great business plan to me.

But what do I know? I've only had a cellphone since you needed a shoulder strap to carry one!


What I NEED to know is how to make the tattling hall monitor on my phone quit meddling in my eternal search for beautiful lingerie models. 😎

Boost Care


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ello, Char. Thank you for stopping by. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us a private message to further assist you. We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. 
- Kira_M

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After poking around for a bit, i found that I can't send a pm here to go to fb or twitter ...... So don't send here on the boost site, go elsewhere to send PM?


I'll find you ty