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Mon, Feb 22, 2021 9:51 PM

Unlimited my aunt fanny!

Ok for the umpteenth month in a row, I've been throttled. On an UNLIMITED $60 plan. I've used my hotspot as much as possible. I've turned on data saver. I rarely watch videos. I have to use the internet on my phone since there's no going to work. The biggest offense is likely spotify. Which is my sanity.

This is getting behind ridiculous straight into stupid. Why am i paying for unlimited that's limited? Exactly how does boost think that 2g is an option? And MAY reduce speeds Is more like WILL reduce to a snails crawl..... A drunk snail........ A drunk blind snail....... And at peak hours? Boy there must be a ton of peeps using internet around me at 3am....... 4am...... Always.......

It's time i find a better option. I'm being blackmailed here. Gripped by the short and curlies. Hard. Looks like i need to shave. Or wax. I can't take it. My work can't take it. What work I'll still have since i can't load anything. There's 6 days left till billing cycle. The money is in my account, but I'm having a hard time paying it this early. Again.

Yep, time to go hunt down some wifi and go shopping for a new carrier.

Or carrier pigeons.

They would be faster.


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