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Tue, Jan 2, 2018 7:00 PM

Not unlimited?

So i have the $50 "unlimited" plan and i just got a message saying that there actually IS a data cap at 23 gb? How?Why am i still being limited with the unlimited plan?


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3 y ago

Hey there, Marley! Be aware, that the $50 unlimited plan is really unlimited, nevertheless, customers who use more than 23GB of data during a billing cycle will be de-prioritized during times and places where the Sprint network is constrained. Boost is not throttling data usage. Heavy users may experience some periodic slowed data speeds while in an area with a high volume of data traffic. Once the network resources are no longer constrained or you move to a non-constrained area, data speed will return to normal.

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3 y ago

Hi @youknowyouknow

So sorry for any inconvenient with the phone service.

You may check terms and conditions regarding our data services here:!/about/legal/network-management/

Quality of Service (QoS):

If you want us to verify the data usage on your account, please send us a private message with your account information. You could also provide us with a cross street address to check the network in your area.


- E.J.

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3 y ago

yes but I don't understand how the high traffic time at the beginning of the month isn't also constrained , you just decide to slow it down at the end of the month during those times , shouldn't unlimited be unlimited no matter how much you use, why even count it. Cingular used to do $50 a month for high speed web years ago, it's not that complicated unless you want it to be.