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Wed, Jul 12, 2017 11:00 AM

How do I unlock a Boost phone to use on another carrier?


 How can I request a Domestic SIM unlock to use my Boost Mobile phone on another carrier? 


Boost Customer Care can help with this request, however there are some requirements that must be met before the device can be unlocked.  You can also view this information on the Boost Mobile support pages

    • The person requesting the device unlock is an authenticated current or former customer or an individual owner who can provide the account number or account name for the account last associated with the device.
    • The device has not been reported as lost or stolen or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked.
    • The device has been active for at least 12 months on the same account (under Equipment History) and a payment has been made within the last 90 days of that 12-month activation anniversary.
      • Warranty replacement phones will have the same eligibility date as the original device.

Boost Mobile also has a pretty thorough set of Unlocking FAQs  on the support pages, as well.



Keep in mind, once you have unlocked your device and activated it on another carrier, you may not be able to reactivate it on Boost Mobile.


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Hello I do not know how to send a message  but I need to unlock my device