Sat, Feb 13, 2021 3:30 AM

Virgin mobile to Boost Sim Card

I have my virgin mobile phone but I'm on boost network. I've been trying to use the data free music apps. I've tried two and theyve both used my data.

I've tried to get help about this twice over customer care chat.

Is this an issue with the apps not recognizing me as a Boost customer because of my VM Sim card? Can I be sent a new sim to fix this issue? I've been with VM/Boost for over 10 years and this is frustrating.


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3 m ago

Hi there! Definitely wanna look into that for you. Please bear in mind that the data usage counter that you find on your phone's settings is not the same as the usage counter on our systems. The phone will even count the data you use while on Wifi and it serves as a tool to measure your overall usage throughout a period of time. Did you access your account online through our website to check data usage before and after using a data free music app? 
- EdmundM

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@EdmundM thank you for your response. I was only using my phones data counter I didnt know there was a difference for my phones and actual usage. There is a difference between my phone and the website its small. But once I noticed usage from changing songs I stopped using them so it wouldnt have counted much.


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Understood. For your actual mobile data usage, please refer to your online data usage. 
- Victor21