Wed, Sep 15, 2021 12:38 AM

My second hand phones are locked so good for parts

Very unhappy potential customer here- bought 2 phones second hand from the original owners... Cant get a response from them to provide the pin.... One of them isnt even inactive yet so thats over a year i cant activate the phone- do you people realize how much business this must be costing you?  Assuming i committed a crime is the logic behind keeping the phone locked....if i stole the phone..and got it activated with you...would you not then know exactly where to find me ?? Not to mention how many phones are rendered inactive because of this policy...lithium batteries all going to waste not very "green" ...not to mention the days of work ive put into these phones just to be told theyre useless because i dont own them..you do... Then i hear 4 different lies from your call center that they dont have the information the other one already told me such as the first and last name and entire phone number assigned to the phone and how long before the year of inactivity is up.  Really makes me want to sign up LoL Joke- how do we fix this i cant believe you people dont want to activate these phones and gain a customer ..flip the switch already


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