Fri, Nov 26, 2021 3:50 PM


How does one learn the jedi mind trick to get boost to physically ship my replacement cellphone soon?  I ordered a brand new phone from you guys on Nov. 7 and I received it on the 11th.  I tried "swapping" that very same day and couldn't.  I contacted you guys and got told to wait 24-48 hours, that the situation was being handled by "service matter experts".  After 3 days I contacted you guys to see what was going on since no one had contacted me.  Apparently my new devices' IMEI has a phone number already attached to it.  I was offered a refund or a new replacement phone, I asked for the replacement phone and so they added a note to my problem and again handed off to "service matter experts".  And so I waited.  5 days later and still, no one has contacted me or sent me my phone.  I decided to contact you guys again and was told to wait, and they attached another note to my problem, and again was sent to service matter experts. 

Here I am, 15 days since I received a phone I can't use and yet there has been no update or replacement phone for me.  I understand if you have to investigate "why" my device already has a number on it, but you guys could have sent me my replacement, got back your old one, and took all the time in the world to investigate on boost's time, not the customer's.  All I want is a new phone since my current one is old and a fire hazard.  I don't believe these service matter experts exist.  All it takes is for 1 person to ship me my phone, I imagine it shouldn't take too long, maybe 30mins max.  I am already dreading contacting you guys a 4th time.  So, back to my original question, does any one have tips to learn that trick?

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