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Celero 5g is junk. Boost won't stand behind

Having issues with it closing the phone app when I check call history which it doesn't register be any. Was at Boost store and girl worked on it a half hour then on phone with support another hour and no help then same with chat. Who even makes this phone as it's not on your device page. Had the less than 3 week's and issue was from day 1. Boost will do nothing. So ridiculous. Sorry I ever got into Boost. You suck!

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I having the same problem. No history. If I check for history the app stops. I finally got in a chat with a person that knows something, what a shock! He gave me a number to call to try to get the problem resolved. The phone is having issues, maybe just the app. I'm going to give it a call on Monday and see what happens. If its not resolved after the call, then I'm just going to find another carrier. I'll be out 50 bucks for the phone, but hell they're charging me almost 40 bucks a month and I can get the same type of service for a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Here's the number. 1-844-423-5376. Keep in mind I have not spoken to the people at the other end of that number so I don't know if it's worth the time. I'm a little gun shy about letting Boost transfer me to another person. On Thursday I was speaking with an agent at Boost, she decided that I needed to be transferred to tech support. She transferred me to an auto parts store! At this point I don't have much faith in Boost...we will see. Good luck!

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@ramtwo any luck today?

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No luck. I'm done with Boost. I've been given the run around and I just don't have time for it anymore. I feel bad for the Boost reps. They have no clue as to what they are doing. Not their fault. Obviously they lack proper training with regard to this product. They have no idea who they are sending you to when you are transferred or given a number to call. The one and only time that I actually spoke with a person at Boost, I was transferred to what was supposed to be the tech dept, instead I was transferred to an auto parts store, somewhere, I didn't ask. Then I was given the number for supposedly the manufacturer, it was an east coast company with a similar name, but nothing to do with the phone. The next phone number was for a Canadian company, again not related to the Celero phone. The third number, fourth redirect, was the actual company that handles refunds and replacements of the Celero phone. I was feeling pretty good this time, but the lady that I spoke with informed me that she would need to hear from a Boost rep in order to refund or replace the phone. So I attempted to speak with someone at Boost. I gave up on talking with someone, and then tried to start a chat. I explained the whole thing again, I've lost  count by this time, finally got through to the person that someone from Boost would need to call to have my phone replaced or to get a refund. The person told me that they were not trained in that area, something of that nature. Good Lord, I give up! I'm out about 70 bucks, hell If I was getting paid a wage for the countless hours I've spent over a junk phone I wouldn't feel so bad, or wait a minute, they did put a nice fat 10 dollars on my account. I guess we are even. I'm going to go back to my old LG phone and on to a different carrier. Service will cost about 17 bucks a month. Half of what I've been paying Boost, for service? Don't call it service...

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@77gp Hello! We appreciate you reaching out! The phone has a 90 Day warranty. Please call Likewize as the warranty is covered by them. You can reach them at 1-855-975-9538. 

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Yep, did that too. Couldn't really understand what the lady was saying, something about creating an account. I was then told to call Boost to notify them that an account was set up, what ever that means. I did call boost back. Having an account didn't seem to mean anything to the person at boost. Nope. I'm done wasting time on this phone. Boost needs to figure out how to take care of customer issues like the one that I've had with this phone and the lack of customer service. I nor should any customer have to be run through the ringer over a phone. It's ridiculous! How about this. I call Boost, tell them there is a problem with my phone. They say no problem, we will send you out another phone. Please ship your old phone back to this address after activating your new phone. Wow, that's tough...

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@Ojay76 after 20 long minutes that was a waste of my time. I now have 2 hours chasing a ghost who doesn't warranty this new phone. I was told it was an issue that Boost was responsible. If you had any decency as a company you would ship me a replacement for this junk I bought from you. I been a loyal customer till now and will never recommend you to anyone going further and likey be moving on as well. Thanks for the runaround.