Mon, Jul 19, 2021 5:34 PM

Are your phone deals for new customers only? Your ad copy doesn't say so.

I've been a Boostmobile customer for several years. Now, my ZTE Speed phone is failing--won't connect to wifi and no longer can access the internet. (Online help and staff at a Boost store can't fix it.) I tried to purchase a LG K51 online, only to have my credit card denied. I tried with two other cards, with the same result. I tried your phone sales agents. They also said my cards were denied. I checked with all the card issuers: they did not deny the cards. The charge was approved on their ends, only to be immediately cancelled by Boost in every instance. I even had a VISA representative on the phone with me when I attempted to place the order with the amount pre-approved on the card. Boost would not accept the order, indicating that the card had been denied and that I should contact my bank. This is patently false--VISA pre-approved the amount and Boost rejected it. The VISA representative was a witness.

I have been unable to talk to any customer service representative who could help me or provide an explanation. I am stuck with your first level contacts, who merely parrot their "denied/check with bank" scripts. No one can tell me what is going on. They suggest I buy the phone at a Boost store and pay the activation fee. I do not wish to do so when it is not required with the online purchase.

Explain, please, why I cannot order the LG K51, why this does not constitute false advertising, and why I should continue to do business with Boostmobile.


Boost Care


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13 d ago

Hello! Anita. Sorry to hear that you having an issue purchasing the LG K51 phone thru our website. Definitely wanna look into that for you. When you tried to make a payment did you get an error message or is it just coming back declined?