Wed, Sep 15, 2021 7:41 AM

Arbitrary unlocking policy. Anything I can do?

o be concise, I purchased an iPhone SE, got it replaced with AppleCare and was sent an unlocked phone, activated it with boost for literally 2 days which locked it, then decided to buy a 12 pro max also from boost which is currently also now locked to my account, which is completely fine as I’m not trying to unlock my current phone, but boost mobile is refusing to unlock the SE because I didn’t use it for a full year. I used it for over 6 months and the only reason why I stopped using it is because I bought the 12 thinking that I could easily sell the SE to help pay for it. Nobody will buy it from me because it’s locked to boost and boost is refusing to unlock it because I didn’t wait an entire year before spending $1600 more dollars with them to buy a phone from them. I didn’t switch carriers. My line is still active with the new phone I bought. I have no intention of trying to get it unlocked. I just want the old phone unlocked so I can sell it. It’s paid for. My account itself is in good standing. I meet every requirement except for this nonsensical 12 month unlock requirement that is now not possible for me to meet unless I were to swap back to the SE and wait it out. Why is this legal?

According to the FCC guidelines that they opted into (that’s my understanding I don’t actually know how this shit works) they MUST unlock it after a year of initial activation and reasonable usage requirements. How is it reasonable to require me to switch back to my $450 phone and continue using it when the only thing I did “wrong” was upgrade too soon and spend $1600 more dollars I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t done that. This makes no sense. Is there a way around this so I can get them to unlock it? It’s like they’re forcing me to be stuck with a phone I can’t use and nobody wants to buy.


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