Tue, Sep 14, 2021 8:05 PM

After New Sim Card Installed WiFi Scans CONTSANTLY

After being nagged by Boost to get a new sim card to access the upgraded network I did.  Since then my WiFi scans CONSTANTLY!  It shows connected, then disconnects, scans, the WiFi symbol with a number shows, then the WiFi symbol with a box, then it connects again.  I can sit on the Wifi screen and watch it over and over and over again.  Trying to stream videos and they always hiccup at the disconnection.  Yet if I turn my WiFi off the video streams perfectly.  I thought the new sim card was for connection to the "upgraded network".  Why is it screwing with my WiFi connection?  That's not even YOUR network!  It happens at home and at work, it was never a problem before the new sim card.  My phone, an LG Stylo 6, is not even a year and half old.  I know it's not 5G but there was not a problem before and I am wondering why it is now and how it can be corrected.  Please advise on how I can get a solid WiFi connection.  


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