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Wed, Jul 11, 2018 1:00 PM

Refund on account balance

So I was trying to change my plan to $50 instead of $60 but I got charged both the $50 went into the account balance which I want back

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5/18-I was charged my usual $59
5/18-there is a $61 charge

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Understood. Can you please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN?


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I really need some assistance here please! I had to make another account in order to get a hold of someone! I have been with Boost since 2012. I carried my phone number and my husband's on the same day from Rutro (you know) we ended up having different billing dates and paying $55/mo each back then. I specifically told several agaents at several different stores that I was supposed to be on a family plan and we never were! I had finally had enough last month and every attemp to change things around getting everything but a family plan. The May payment I made on the app and I had read that in order to start a family plan, I (main account holder) need to be sure that I have enough in my balance to cover both of our monthly costs. I did just that and then it didn't work again! Keep in mind 2012 because I have been working on this since then! Anyhow, I went to the store where the Agent said to me well that isn't going to work, have your husband send you a family plan request since it's obviously not working ftom your end. Well don't you think I have tried that??? I explained to him that and he said oh well, that's the only way right now and I asked about the balance that I had to cover his plan and he said that can't be transferred over and that money would have to be spent on apps and games. I don't play games and I don't need anything and I was so mad that I went back to Rutro and explained everything to the employee there. Well I had to reactivate my phone so I downgraded which gave me a balance of nearly $35- he had placed the call to boost, got an agent online for me we had the whole conversation recorded as I explained my dilemma. The agent tried to persuade me from leaving but I said enough is enough. I had to talk with someone in the refund department and we had to wait a while to see if they could approve my refund request, which they did and it would go back on the card that I used for purchasing and also I would receive a letter in the mail once it was all said and done. Well guess what? I juast made my first month payment with Rutro yesterday and I haven't been refunded and my account is no longer able to be accessed! I made several attemps on calling and I keep getting put on hold forever before I am disconnected. I am giving this my final attempt to get this handled before I start making a lot of noise for everyone. I do have it recorded so I have all the names and what was promised that never panned out. I really need some help with this matter as I feel I have paid more than my fair share for just 2 lines in the passed 6 years! If I can get everything rectified, I will come back once I know I definitely will be on a family plan and I have recieved the refund. I see in other posts were people were all promised different time frames for refunds and they never pan out and then an agent says send me a private message. That's because they don't want the consumer to know that you don't process refunds. Well, unless your dead but then who gets it then? Lol! If I were given the reapect and patience that I have given Boost in the passed 6 years, I would be back in a heartbeat! Please someone tellme what to do, thanks for your help