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Sat, Jun 29, 2019 10:00 PM

Over-charges & fees (2 older similar issues i wasn't gonna mention but since i'm here..) Free month

I had to temporarily switch from the monthly $50 plan to the daily plan as I sometimes have to do. I also did a factory reset around the same time. With each new phone purchase a trial to premium visual voicemail is usually on the phone along with the premium app. You have to opt out during the first several weeks. I think when I factory reset, it added this to my account. I was charged $3 for it & I don't even have it installed. I called 611 on the 18th because I had only realized just before this date & realized I hadn't added credit to my account for the $3 daily charge. My balance was $2. As I spoke with the representative, he understood my as it was meant: "Could the premium visual voicemail add-on please be removed & could I please have the $3 credit back?" He was very nice & understood what I was calling about right away. In fact, he was probably the best customer service rep I've spoke to at Boost Mobile & I've been a customer for awhile. He said that he saw the incorrect $3 charge & also noticed that I have been a loyal customer for some time. He asked to put me on hold because I was a loyal customer, he wasn't only going to remove the add-on & issue my credit, but was going to ask his manager for approval to add a little extra, even if he could only add $1 extra to make my $2 balance at least a $3 balance to make it enough for a day's payment to give me 2 days once the $3 charge is removed. I was on hold for a minute & then my phone lost signal for a brief second & dropped the call. (I actually recently left a job working for AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, & Sprint wireless & so the job was very similar, only dealing with 3 different services that could be alone or in different packages. I always try to go above & beyond to have a happy customer at the end of my calls & I felt this young man was doing the same. It was close to closing time so I didn't call back. I assumed he would possibly return my call once he realized I lost him but, at least, note the account & correct the wrong charge at least. However, he never called nor gave me my credit. I was then out of the area for a family emergency a few hours later & didn't have signal for several days. I've called twice again. The 1st was a disaster & the 2nd was pretty bad. I gave up on 1st call & I explained several times to the second rep. I could tell she wasn't paying much attention & even after I finally thought she got me & corrected it though I was wrong. Not only would she credit any extra for all the hassles (I normally would never ask but I figured it wouldn't hurt since it was the original reps idea & this was now a 3rd call... Also I'm laid off & my husband passed away not long ago so I've never struggled so much in my life!) This rep did not remove the recurring add-on from my account (says it's for monthly plans but if you look at my dashboard it actually shows my daily charges as $3 daily for service & also $2 daily for a daily recurring premium visual voicemail add-on ($2/day for a $3/month add-on? Has to be an error.) Then saying my daily charges total $5 a day!! She didn't remove the add-on nor credit my account for the incorrect charges. Instead, she gave me a $1 credit to my account. I've had similar bigger issues I was never gonna mess with but after all of this.. I may as well ask. Even though I called about it at first, I never received my free month offer from the website I originally ordered from. And at least a dozen times, when adding $ to use on daily for several days, I've waited until after midnight like I read. After STILL being charged a second time an hour later I've waited longer bc of time zones. But for last 8 or 9 months it STILL waits another hour & does it again. I've waited until 3 am eastern & still woke up to more charges yet again. Has something changed here? You can see my notes, I'm sure, that I've never really complained about any of these things before. With my husband passing & being laid off I could really use the help with some of these things being looked into. Can you possibly fix this for me? (I know this was long & I'm sorry. I thought maybe reading it could be easier than me talking....)

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Hi there! I'm truly sorry fro the bad experience. Allow me to investigate. Please send me a Private Message with your phone number and PIN to check what's going on.