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Wed, Jan 17, 2018 10:00 AM

Ordered Pre-Owned Phone and it was defective; next steps?

Dear Boost, can you please assist with this:


I ordered a pre-owned Samsung S6. It arrived yesterday and when I turned it on, I noticed the Home button was not working (touchscreen/volume/power buttons worked). 


I want to get a refund but I'm told that I need to pay to ship it back... I understand if I don't like it, I should pay to ship it back; but the phone was sent to me defective, can you please provide a prepaid return label or provide me an alternative solution where I am not out of money for something that should have worked in the first place (like return to Boost Mobile store).


Thank you.


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1 y ago

Trash company, I cancelled both my phone plans through them. Thank gawd I paid for my phone through Paypal. Boost mobile didn't have a leg to stand on because they sent me a defective phone. Paypal got me the money back.