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Sun, Jun 28, 2020 7:00 AM

My phone is still broken

My phone broke on June 19, 2020. I tried asking for someone to help me, because whenever I try to buy a new phone online, Boost Mobile keeps canceling my order. My bill is due on the 30th, and I do NOT want to be charged late fees or a penalty because I'm not paying for something I don't even have right now. I already messaged two agents, that was a few days ago, and I got no response. I would like someone to actually help me, the nearest Boost Mobile store is not within walking distance, and I do not have a car. Otherwise, I would go to a store and try to do this myself. So, some help would be appreciated.


Boost Care


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10 m ago

Hey there, acaf5b! We appreciate you letting us know about this. We will continue to assist you via private message.

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10 m ago

Thanks. I've tried to look at my private messages several times, but this keeps showing up every time today I try to look.Screenshot (49).png