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Sun, Jul 12, 2020 6:00 PM

"Lootgames" - $10 charge - Unauthorized purchase.

About two weeks ago iirc I received a text message, which at the time I assumed was the usual spam stating something along the lines of "a lootgames purchase has been made for $9.99 and the amount has been added to your next month's charges". Not opening (and deleting) a link provided within the text, assuming it was malicious, I still checked my bank account(s) afterwords and confirmed that no money was deducted.. so I figured.. OK. Business as usual. Right.


The next starting month, my monthly payment of $35 is due. As-per usual, I go in person to the store and purchase a $35 prepaid reboost card, then proceed to use it. GREAT! I can now cross that off my list. I get the-what I THOUGHT at the time was the usual confirmation text afterwords..


The next day, I try to send a text out. I receive a automated text back from Sprint (BM) essentially stating that I now have limited service and until I pay my monthly bill fully, I will not be able to use the full services?! Confused and frustrated, I call the automated prompt and receive a list of charges and what do ya' know.. there's that darn lootgames. It's 2020.. who pays for games or app services.. 😅 I then call Sprint customer support to try and get it straightened it out, yet they instantly just throw me to the "Boostmobile Customer Support" which again, seems to only consist of ONLY the automated prompts. And yes, it was during business hours. 


So, after paying $35, having an extra $5 prior (who knows why) and now having to pay $5 just to continue my usual service because of the unauthorized lootgames transaction.. I go to the store again (on crunched time before I have to work!) to purchase the minimum $10 reboost card. Cool. 


Fearful this might happen someday, I chose not to pay automatically for my service of a phone that is falling apart internally and externally every month by normal wear and tear (yes, I keep excellent care of my electronics). So without successful resolution of this incident, I will be finding a new phone with a new provider within the next couple weeks after Sprint STEALS the remaining $5 from my account and cancels my account and clears my number after the number of years that I have been an anonymous yet loyal member with them. 


I'm bummed and disappointed. Is there anything I can do? Prior to this, service-wise, I couldn't really complain. I had decent quality of phone calls, decent response times of sending and receiving data, etc etc. But, this is pretty unacceptable and in today's day and age, it shoots up a red flag for the security of my phone now, too. As more and more stores are stopping to carry BM re-boost cards and those that do with their employees saying you guys are hurting, this might be the final nail in the coffin 🙁.


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That's definitely not okay, anonywish. We want to look into this for you. Please, send us a private message with your phone number and PIN to research further. 

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