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Wed, Nov 27, 2019 12:00 PM

Leaving Boost after 15+ years.

Customer service disaster. I'm willing to forgive a company an occasional misstep provided they rectify their mistakes, but this was completely inexcusable.


I was offered a BoostUp promo for an $85 payment on a new iPhone which I happily accepted. Turns out there was an extra $150 charge that I wasn't told about. The store associate wasn't able to look up what the charge was for because only Boost had that information. So I call Boost, and they tell me they can't access that info because I'm under a Sprint account. I call Sprint and they tell me no can do because I'm under a Boost account. After almost 2 hours of back and forth, neither Boost or Sprint want to take accountability (hell, the Sprint lady was agitated that they kept sending Boost accounts to her!) and no one's able to refund or tell me what the charge is for.


The store associate himself was very friendly and helpful. I didn't like this talk from customer service about "investigating" and "talking to him". If Boost or Sprint doesn't know, how the hell is he supposed to know? I tried working with Boost, but I had to turn it over to my bank and their dispute agency. Take your phone and your service, I'll take my money back. Not a repeatable experience. 


Now, how do I cancel or deactive my account?


Thanks in advance,

- D


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