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Sat, Aug 29, 2020 12:00 AM

Invalid address when attempting to use Boost Up.

I've been trying to order a Samsung Galaxy A21 using boost up but I keep getting "It appears your address is invalid. Please enter a valid address" under the "Boost Up! Installment Info" tab. The address I'm imputing is valid and identical to my billing address. Between my roommates and I there are packages here almost daily. I also never have an issue when paying my bill using the same card i want to use for this. I cannot call the number provided to order as I am autistic and nonverbal.


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8 m ago

Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. Support is available from 6 am - 10 pm CST Monday - Friday, and from 6 am - 9 pm CST on weekends. 


It is possible that the address you are using on your order is not the same one you have on your Boost Mobile account (that could be the reason you are getting this error). Please send us a private message verify your Boost Mobile account and assist you. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".