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Sat, Nov 20, 2021 12:09 PM

Im owed a refund

Purchased a phone on boost mobile.com. NEVER  received it. NEVER got order confirmation email. Therefore, I CAN NOT TRACK IT. Getting NO HELP WHATSOEVER FROM ANYONE AT BOOST MOBILE. I've got reference # from my bank stating payment has been posted. Gave reference # to the person trying to help me. But, once again, same ol shit, same ol explanation, and still no phone & still no refund. Somebody do something or I'll have no choice but to seek legal actions against boost. From what I'm seeing here, there are a lot of unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated individuals. I find it hard to believe that boost mobile company is still in business. When they can't seem to help their customers with their BOOST MOBILE ISSUES. DA F@&$ OUTTA HERE. I'm done waiting for This damn company to address my issue and fix it. Maybe my lawyer can light a fire under there ass so they'll get up and do something. In 7 days it will be exactly 1 F@$&#&g month I purchased a phone from Boost Mobile. And in 7 days it'll be a month that I'd be waiting for the phone or a refund. Not right. Illegal to take my money and not give me what I payed for. And illegal to not give me back my money for not giving what I purchased. I WANT MY MONEY BOOST MOBILE. 

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