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Fri, Dec 21, 2018 10:00 AM

Id like to make a complaint

I really need a new phone so i go to my local Boost store. The lady says i am available for an upgrade and tells me it will be 45 dollars so i say great well she says we dont have the phone but will have it thursday. Thursday i call no phone for sure friday which is today. So i go and she aays no phones for sure monday but you cant get it for the ptive i said but u can get buy ine gey one free so im like thats great oh she says no u cant get that either . i feel lied too. I have recommended boost to many friends but i really doubt i will anymore. I call customer service i was disconnected 3 different times inwas on phone for 56 minutes to be told wait till Christmas and you will get a better deal than you were promises2. B S... Ok thats 1 well anither is last month our phones were off 2 days even thiugh we paid the bill because tgey ciuldnt find the money in my account. Im over Boost you all lie to your customers and treat ua like crap when we call i really doubt ill be sticking with you all


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2 y ago

We're truly sorry to hear that you had this experience, @Kathyinw. Please send us a DM with your phone number so we can take a look at your account.