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Tue, Aug 3, 2021 1:23 AM

Horrible service. Paying too much. CAN'T GET NO HELP!

I have been a very loyal and long time customer since 2010. I have never ever considered leaving my favorite mobile carrier until here recently in the past 4-5mo. Since then, the service has been horrible and drastically changed in my area. I will have no service, miss phone calls and text messages constantly. Sometimes it will straight up say "No service" or it will show good signal strength and still act as if there's is no service. Yet, somehow, I still seen to run out of data, more frequently than ever. Boost chops it up to "updating towers". According to them, they don't know when the service will get better. Only 1 time was I ever offered a useless @$$ credit of $12 on my almost $100/mo family share plan. Boost is well aware of this issue but still continues to overcharge for service I'm not getting. I even spent an extra $15 on data packs 2wks ago that didn't make much of a difference. They are more than capable of giving a generous credit that they the ability to do. They don't value their long time customers or do anything to try to keep them. 11years, thousands of dollars spent on buying phones throughout that time and my loyalty is only worth a pathetic $12 credit!!?? I refuse to pay my bill under these circumstances and if I cant get any help then I will do what I really don't want to do, and go to another service provider. 


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Hello Krystal! I totally understand your frustration! The tools needed to properly troubleshoot your issue are not available to us here. Please contact us by calling 1-866-402-7366 or by chat on