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Wed, Jul 25, 2018 5:00 PM

Horrible Order Experience

I submitted two separate orders on Saturday night, both with individual order keys, due to a change in mind regarding the device I wanted. On Sunday I called to cancel the initial order prior to it being shipped. When cancelling the order there was no mention of the order key for the second order, because that wasn't necessary.

Whoever handles order cancellations decided that they'd cancel both of my orders by submitting a return request to FedEx on both of the packages. I don't know how this mistake is made being that these are two completely individual orders and I made no mention to cancel my second order.

I had to spend over two hours calling both FedEx and Boost Mobile several times to get a definitive answer as to why my order wasn't being shipped to me and how to sort out the matter. Boost Mobile had no information or case notes about my second order being cancelled and said it was FedEx who decided to return the item back to the sender after a single delivery attempt, which was never made.

It took escalating the issue to a FedEx Express manager to be told that Boost Mobile actually submitted return requests on both of the shipped packages, and they couldn't ship the package to me.

Now I'm left waiting until Boost Mobile receives both of the devices, confirms the return, and then begins to process a refund that'll take 7-10 Business days for me to receive my funds. It'll be about two weeks before I can resubmit a purchase for the device I wanted.

This is the most frustrating experience I've had trying to order a device.


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