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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 2:15 PM

Expedited Shipping

I purchased a new phone after I was told that my more expensive phone wouldn't work after the 5G update. 

I explained to the lady who assisted me that I would like my order expedited even though she told me that it was the weekend and wouldn't process until Monday. I need my new phone as soon as possible so I told her that it was fine and I'd pay the extra charge anyway. 

Upon looking at my receipt, it didn't appear that I was charged for the next day shipping. 

Is this something that's able to be fixed or am I screwed and forced to wait a week for a phone I didn't even want to begin with?

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2 m ago

@irobinson0122 Hello! We understand your frustration with this. Once the order is placed there is no way to change the shipping option.