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Canceled Account

My estranged wife has a boost mobile account which I pay every month, online.  I have access to her account.  I live in Dallas and she is in Houston.  As per my bank statement I paid on 3/5.  Her account showed only the monthly bill due, and showed showed a receipt after completion.  Her phone was cut off a few days later.  It showed the money was received, but the account was delinquent.  I foolishly forgot to save the receipt. 

I tried unsuccessfully about three times to contact boost mobile over several days.  The customer service chat is fully automated and offers only menued questions, none of which matched my question.  I called the customer service number.  Again only menued questions, none of which matched mine.  I quess they did not think they needed a question for what happens when they take my money and still deny service.

I contacted my bank and disputed the charge and told them the service had not been provided for march.

Her daughter then went to a boost store and paid the balance.  They promptly canceled the account because she had only paid march and they said I disputed feb and march.  They also told her because of the dispute she could only pay with a boost card in the future.  My bank says they only disputed march, not feb.

There is more to it, but that is where it stands now.  Tommy Rimes


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I am moving my family of 3 too because their customer service ducks. Was paying Insurance and they refused to award my son a new phone after his was lost

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Good morning @matthewregehr1033 Thank you for contacting us, and apologize for the inconvenience.  Did you contact the insurance company to process the claim? Why was decline denied?

- Joy1713