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Tue, May 21, 2019 11:00 AM

Buying new phone

I ordered a new 128gb iPhone XR with 1 day shipping through the boost website. Boost pulled the money from my account. Check to see if it shipped and it says order cancelled. Check my account and my money was refunded. Figured it was some dumb issue so I reordered the phone. Check again, says cancelled after a few hours. This time boost has not refunded my money. I either need my money back or a way to order my phone that works. Boost has treated me well but I will switch carriers if this issue continues as I need a new phone ASAP.



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2 years ago

Hi there! Unfortunately the order did not pass several verification checks we have in place. You are free to try the order again and maybe use a different credit card.  If the order does not go through or you receive another Cancellation alert, our best advice at that point would be to visit a Boost Mobile Store in person to purchase the device. When our payment systems cannot approve a credit card transaction, the credit card account holds the funds. Funds are held on a bank or credit card account to verify available for a purchase or payment. The amount is not charged, just held from available balance to use by the bank or card company account. Funds that did not process normally, are removed from hold on the card in 5-7 business days. The card company determines the time frame. You will need to contact your bank for further assistance.