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Sat, Nov 24, 2018 8:00 AM

Boost please help me buy an iPhone

Hello I'm Nov. 8th 2018 I attempted to purchase the iphone6 refurbished for $99 with tax and shipping it came to $106.99. My CC company denied the transaction because Boat isn't my regular company. I called and verified the transaction was legitimate. I tried the transaction again I got an alert that said the transaction went through successfully and then was instantly cancelled. When I looked on the website it said it was declined and I needed to contact my bank again. when I contacted my bank, they advised me they removed all holds, and they called the customer service tech support, with me on the line to confirm that with tech support. Tech support advised me that they did see that the Boost website declined the transaction that it had to be approved and once it was approved and the hold was cleared out I would be able to make the purchase. At that time I was given an incident number and I recorded the support agent's employee ID number. I was told it should only take 24 to 48 hours for the issue to be cleared, and once it was I'd get an email to advise. (I741740456 case number boost Mobile #861967 for tech support Rita). fast forward to today, I never received an email, so I attempted the transaction with a totally different debit card, from a totally different bank, and went from a MasterCard to a Visa and receive the same error message. The only information that was the same was my name and address everything else changed. Today when I called in I was told there was no incident created, or escalated. I spoke to Piper who advised me there was nothing that she could do so she transferred me to a supervisor. Unfortunately the supervisor Leo was also no help. I explain the situation that I had an incident number, that I've already contacted my bank, my bank confirmed that the transaction is going through successfully on their side and then boost Mobile website is instantly canceling the transaction. Leo advised me that boost Mobile would take no responsibility for canceling the transactions. He advised that if I still wanted to transfer my service over to boost Mobile I would have to purchase another device and go to a store to find one. I advised him the only reason that I was switching my service over to boost was because of this specific phone. I am signing up for the $80 a month plan but without the phone I'm going to stay with the service I have. When I wasn't able to purchase the phone on the 8th I reinstated a SIMPLE Mobile account which I transferred from T-Mobile. I've done everything on my side to make sure my online purchase would go through successfully. I had my bank calling with me to advise that all holds on their side have been removed, and confirmed that they are showing the transaction successfully, I waited over a week to attempt the transaction again, this attempt I made with a totally different type of card, with a different banking system (credit card vs. debit card), and as I mentioned changed from MasterCard to Visa. It shouldn't be this hard to transfer service. Also the customer service experience has been atrocious, perhaps someone at boost can help me. I'm willing to take a phone that's comparable if it will be at the same price. There has to be a solution. Please Boost help me.

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So sorry to hear about this experience, Raethe1. We want to help! Please send us a private message along with the order number and a brief description of your request.