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Thu, Nov 1, 2018 8:00 AM

i have 3 boost phone accounts

i have 3 boost phone accounts the oldest being my personal phone and # ive had over 10 years. boost is every day giving away cheap phones, monthly deals, even payment plans on expensive phones to new customers who pay so many times with out service interruption. let me tell you how much they appreciate customers such as myself who faithfully have been here since 2007. sorry sir twice this year your bill was due on the 12th but service was interrupted until the 13th at 7am so no used phone promo, new promo, payment on high dollar new phone..... nothing. you see sir we could care less if you were our very first customer ever, being offshore working and less then 12 hours late a dozen times in 10 years never more than 24 hours of non payment makes you **bleep** out of luck and less than priority like our new customers . we reward our new customers in advance for hanging around a yr or less, paying half the required total of the payment plan we gave then on the way better then your phone sir then suddenly poof their gone . were so excited every time because not only is it another customer gone but another unpaid for phone im sure sir would have been just perfect for you had you qualified. well send you a promo in the next couple months for $10 off our biggest piece of crap phone and if your lucky you'll actually receive it but rest assured we are standing firm with our statement saying its on its way and thank you so much for being the dumbest customer of the yr for yet another. please take the survey later about all the help our non English speaking customer service rep didn't give you because his qcard didn't answer adult questions only ,,, hell i dont know i cant ever understand because im american not from the middle east.........


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2 y ago

Hey there @t10x4life. We're sorry to hear you feel this way! Unfortunately, the requirement for the BoostUP is for you to have on-time payments during 12 months, if you let the account go interrupted you will be disqualified. 


We're constantly offering a variety of promotions such as: Campaigns, Trial Plans, Plan Upsell Promos, Handset Upgrade Programs, Discounts, Apps Promotions, and more. All designed to add value to your experience as a Boost Customer. Most of these promotions will be available in-store and to target customers only; but you can certainly take advantage of really great deals and specials by visiting the website: https://www.boostmobile.com/phones.html?intnav=TopNav:Phones:AllPhones. Your business is highly appreciated and that’s how we want you to feel.



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maybe i need to pay my bill on time 6 times before i can even get a service rep to feed me crap in the forms so everyone knows how valuable my business is. smh