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Sat, Sep 22, 2018 10:00 AM

How can I cancel a phone I ordered online?

How can I cancel a phone I ordered? I found a different one I would like and have been trying to cancel it for a while


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3 y ago

Hi there, Mncw! Sorry for the late reply! We successfully received the private messages you sent about this matter.


If anyone else has the same request, feel free to send me (or any other Community agent) a private message including:


- Your full name.


- The sales order key.


- Your e-mail address.


- If you have a Boost account, please include your Boost phone number and PIN.


- A secondary contact number.


To send us a private message, just click on the agent's username (Hozuki_Robert in this case), and then look for the option that says "Send this user a private message".


Looking forward to your private message!



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3 y ago

I need to cancel order ek-bepp-873abc asap thank you