Tue, May 4, 2021 9:21 AM

Fix brother connection issue

Our Brother 2270DW printer has long been available to the several Win10 computers on our Verizon FiOS wireless home network, albeit not without occasional annoying problems. We have a new G1100 FiOS router, which is located just a few feet from the printer. I would now like to connect the printer (which has an Ethernet port) directly to the router via Ethernet instead of WI-fi. Sure, it's easy enough to plug in the Ethernet cable - I have several lying around. But so far I can find nothing in the printer's documentation or Win10 application about what settings I would have to change, or just how to do it. But fortunately I came across this post on brother 2270dw setup. This post helped me in connecting my brother 2270dw to wifi. After following the steps I was able to use my printer without any issue.


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